Who we are?

When Covid-19 pandemic was at it's peak and had closed down almost every learning center and school, Mr. Ahmad H. - a certified GEL Teacher - thought of a way he could help students continue their learning process even under the quarantine. as result, he decided to design an online platform by which students can follow their classes from the safety of their homes. So he built "kabulenglish.com" - a web application, and developed Premium English lessons in a way that students can proceed with their learning of English Language independently and online.

What we do?

We provide Free Online English Class. our class contains premium lessons, each lesson includes an Audio Lecture by a "Global English Language Teacher Training Certified" teacher, clear grammar definition and examples, Interactive Online Grammar Exercise, Vocabulary and Pronunciation, Conversation, Listening and Practical Homeworks. beside our free English class, We also provide some other services such as "Homework check and Student Helpline" and "Over Phone English Speaking Classes" with an affordable price.

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