Grammar and Usage


Lesson 15 (Level 1)

What's it like?

تدریس صوتی استاد


Asking for description

What + Be + Subject + like ? is used to ask for description of someone or something such as appearance, character and behavior.


What + be + Subject + like ?

What is Hashim like ?
What are your friends like ?
What is kabul like ?


Asking for description of People:

What is John like ?
He's tall and a bit talkative
What is Sara like ?
She's kind and quiet.
What are Hamed and Farid like ?
They are funny and they are smart, too.

Asking for description of Place:

What is Kabul like ?
It's nice but it's very crowded.
What is Tokyo like ?
It's big, crowded and it's really nice.
What is your school like ?
It's small. it only has four classes. but it's very nice.

Asking for description of Things:

What is your car like ?
It's a BMW so it's quite expensive. it's color is black.
What is the weather like in Paris?
right now it's winter in Parsi. so it's really cold.


  • Description of People

    who is that? - he is my brother.
    how old is he? - he is twenty-one.
    what's he like ? - he is nice and tall.

  • Description of Place

    who are they? they are my classmates
    where are they from? they are from Herat.
    what's Herat like? it's large and beautiful

  • Description of things

    what's your name? my Name is Farid
    where are you from? I am from Mazar.
    what's the weather like in Mazar? it's sunny and hot

  • Grammar Exercise

    Grammar Exercise:

    Complete the Conversation Below

    گفتگوی ذیل را تکمیل کنید

    1. A: look! ?
      B: Oh, he's a new student.
      A: ?
      B: I think his name is Hadi.
      Q: Hadi ? ?
      Q: He is from Iran.
    2. A: Raja, ?
      B: I'm from India - from Delhi
      A: ?
      B: It's very large and crowded
      Q: ?
      Q: my last name is Sing.
    3. A: Hi Hassan, ?
      B: I'm just fine. my friend Qasem is here this week - from Iran.
      A: Oh, cool. ?
      B: He's really friendly
      Q: ?
      Q: He's twenty-eight years old

    Try the above exercise on your own first. see the answers only if you're unable to figure out the answers.
    See Answers

    Vocabulary and Phrases

    Words Meanings:

    English vocabulary
    1. think

    2. 👉  I think we can learn English faster together.

      👉   Sara thinks about her future. she wants to go to university.

    3. really

    4. 👉  KabulEnglish is a really good website. it provides free online English class.

      👉   I really miss you. can I see you tomorrow?

    5. friendly

    6. 👉  John is an English teacher. He is very friendly with his students.

      👉   I had a friendly talk with my manager. we talked about work and payments.

    7. handsome

    8. 👉  John is a great and kind English teacher. and he is handsome, too.

    9. good-looking

    10. 👉  Hamid wants to be an actor. he is a good-looking guy.

    11. talkative

    12. 👉  Sina is a talkative person. he makes fun of others and tells jokes.

      👉  Rabia doesn't like to be talkative. she is a quiet girl.

    13. quiet

    14. 👉  The city is most quiet at night.

      👉  Mansoora is a quiet student. She talks less but she learns a lot.

    15. funny

    16. 👉  Hashim is a funny boy. he makes people laugh.

      👉  Today, I read a really funny story in the magazine.

    17. serious

    18. 👉  I like to be serious in my work and funny with friends.

      👉  Samira is a serious English teacher.

    19. shy

    20. 👉  Sonia looks to be a shy girl.

    21. short

    22. tall

    23. 👉  I read a short story in the newspaper.

      👉  John is tall but Hashim is short.

    24. heavy

    25. 👉  Farid is a little heavy so he cannot run well.

      👉  A heavy rain is on its way to Canada.

    26. thin

    27. 👉  The girls like to be thin but the boys like to be fit.

      👉  There is a thin wall between our house and the school.

    28. describe

    29. 👉  How do you describe the English classes of KabulEnglish?

      👉  Today, John will describe a little about his teaching experience in the class.

    30. personality

    31. 👉  Many things form the personality of someone. one of them is his way of thinking.

      👉  Our teacher has a good personality. He is kind, respectful and knowledgeable.

    32. appearance

    33. 👉  Do you value appearance much?

      👉  Appearance has some value but it is not the most important.

    34. description

    35. 👉  The video description was too long.

      👉  you can read my description of the English class on my web page.

    Conversation and Homework

    Conversation, Listening & homework

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