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Lesson 3 (Level 1)

Wh-Questions Full Lecture

تدریس صوتی استاد

WH Questions

WH-Questions are words that start with Wh and ask for certain types of information about people, place, time, reason and so on. Wh questions cannot be answered with Yes or No.


Wh-questions are placed at the beginning of a sentence and followed by an auxiliary verb.

what is your name?
where do you go?
who can speak English?
when is her wedding?

"What" is used to ask for information about something


What is your name?
What can I do for you?

"How" is used to ask for information about manner, condition or quality


How are you?
How was your exam?
How good is your English?

"When" is used to ask about date and time


When is your birthday?
When does she go home?

"Where" is used to ask in or at what position or place someone or something is.


Where do you live?
Where does he come from?

"Who" is used to ask for information about people


Who is your brother?
Who do you like the most?

"Whose" questions about the owner of something.


Whose pen is this?
Whose are those?

"Why" asks for the reason; what ... for


Why do you learn English?
Why is your father so happy?

Online Game for practicing Wh-questions in English


Grammar Exercise

Grammar Exercise:

Fill in the blanks with proper WH-Question words

خانه های خالی را با سئوالیه معلوماتی درست پرکنید
  1. I live in Kabul and, do you live?.
  2. my house is here is your house?.
  3. I like football, do you like?.
  4. I am fine and happy, and are you?.
  5. I go to school tomorrow, do you go to school?.
  6. this is my car, is your car?.
  7. there are four colors, color do you like?.
  8. this is my book, but is that?
  9. Mahmood is my friend, and is your friend?.
  10. Hashem is my classmate, but is your classmate?.
  11. I want a red pen, pen is red?.

Try the above exercise on your own first. see the answers only if you're unable to figure out the answers.
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Vocabulary and Phrases

Words Meanings:

English vocabulary
  1. certain

  2. 👉   I am (certain) that I wll pass the test of Kankoor and enter the university.

    👉   It's not (certain) if it's going to be a cold or warm winter this year.

    👉   Sara and John were (certain) that their efforts will pay off.

  3. reason

  4. 👉   I have many good (reasons) to learn English. the biggest (reason) is that I want study in Online universities, So I need to know English.

    👉   The (reason) why I like KabulEnglish is that its classes are free, easy and affordable for every internet packages.

    👉   So what's the (reason) you choose to study online? well, it's because online courses are cheap and up-to-date!

  5. place

  6. 👉   John (placed) his goal on top of every other thing he wanted to achieve.

    👉   Canada is (placed) in the north of United States.

  7. follow

  8. 👉   Nowadays, most of the people (follow) the news on social media.

    👉   Do you still (follow) your university programs?

  9. wedding

  10. 👉   We are going to hold our (wedding) next week.

    👉   There are some big (wedding) halls in our town, but we love our (wedding) to be in a big garden.

  11. something.

  12. 👉   I will buy (something) as a gift for you. what do you like it to be?

    👉   Sonia likes (something) to eat. so she goes to a restaurant and orders so delicious food.

  13. manner

  14. 👉   The students greet their teacher with a good (manner).

    👉   The (manner) he talks to me is pleasing. He is really polite.

  15. condition

  16. 👉  The world climate (condition) is getting worse every year.

    👉  what is your (condition) of health? is getting better?

  17. quality

  18. 👉  China is manufacturing products with good and bad (quality). it depends on what type of (quality) you order.

    👉 and are the top online marketplaces where people can buy (quality) products online.

    👉  I need a smartphone with a good (quality) camera, so I can make films with it.

  19. position

  20. 👉  A GPS device can locate someone's (position) on the map.

    👉  Our favorite football team achieved second (position) in the league.

  21. reject

  22. 👉  Why did you (reject) my call last night?

    👉  Hadi proposed Sara for marriage, but she (rejected) him because she wants to study at university now.

  23. proposal

  24. 👉   We are writing a (proposal) of cooperation to a company. we want to work with them.

    👉   John is made a marriage (proposal) to Suzan.

  25. prefer

  26. 👉   Some people (prefer) to study online and some (prefer) to study in person.

    👉   What do (prefer) for breakfast cheese or peanut butter? I personally (prefer) peanut butter.

Conversation and Homework

Conversation, Listening & homework

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