Grammar and Usage


Lesson 19 (Level 1)


Tense is the form of the verb which tells the time of an action

she cooks dinner everyday. = (Simple Present Tense)
He is working now. = (present continues tense)
we will study English = (future tense).

Present Continues Tense

it shows that an action is going on at the moment of speaking.


We use Present Continues Tense to show that something is happening now.

subject + To Be + Verbing + C

I am speaking English
you are driving a car
they are looking at the board
he is writing his homework
she is cooking now
Ali and Reza are helping people

Decision For Future Action

to be + going to shows a strong will for a future action.

Note: the main verb will not take ing

subject + To Be going to + Verb + C

I am going to speak English
You are going to drive a car
they are going to play football
He is going to write his homework
she is going to cook tomorrow
Ali and Reza are going to help people

Rules of Adding ing (Next Lesson (this link))


  • ongoing action

    it(the weather) is raining now. but the cars are moving on the street.
    Wahid is going to school. he is walking with his friends
    Sara is coming to home . she is learning English.
    Habib and Yaser are brothers. they are working at a shop.
    I am playing football but my classmates are watching me

  • intention/plan with be+going+to

    my brother is going to study in India.
    Muhammad and Hadi are going to teach at school.
    she is going to make a cake.
    I am going to learn Quraan.
    they are going to make a house.

  • Grammar Exercise

    Grammar Exercise:

    Make the English form of the following sentences, using continues tense and to be going to


    1. (the wind = باد, blow = وزیدن)

    2. (teach = درس دادن)

    3. (search = جستجو, for = برای)

    Try the above exercise on your own first. see the answers only if you're unable to figure out the answers.
    See Answers

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    Vocabulary and Phrases

    Words Meanings:

    1. matter

    2. so

    3. wear

    4. take

    5. let's

    6. idea

    7. and

    8. but

    9. or

    10. put

    11. choose

    12. different

    13. around

    14. find

    15. owner

    16. someone

    17. number

    18. talk

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