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Lesson 14 (Level 1)

Short Answers With Be

تدریس صوتی استاد


Short Answers with (Be)

To Be verb is used to construct short answers with "yes" and "no" questions.

In English, We answer a question with what we make it a question (ex: be, can, do)

  • Am I a good friend for you? Yes, You are.
  • Are you a fan of cricket? No, I am not.
  • Are we in the same class? Yes, we are.
  • Are they from Afghanistan? No, they are not.
  • Is she a student? Yes, she is.
  • Is he a taxi driver? No, He is not.
  • Is it cold in the winter Yes, It is.

Contractions of Be

The verb be is contracted as follow in the statements.

  • I am = I'm
  • you are = you're
  • we are = we're
  • they are = they're
  • he is = he's
  • she is = she's
  • it is = it's

Listen to the audio and repeat the examples

to be verb question and negative

Grammar Exercise

Grammar Exercise:

type the short answer with be

    Q: Is Mahmood from Kabul?. yes,
    Q: Are you from Mazar?. No,
    Q: Is Sara a good cook?. yes,
    Q: are Saeed and Reza classmates ?. No,
    Q: are you and Hashem brothers?. yes,
    Q: are we Afghans?. yes,
    Q: Is Ali a driver?. No,
    Q: Is this your car?. yes,
    Q: Is your house near school?. No,
    Q: are you a singer?. No,

Try the above exercise on your own first. see the answers only if you're unable to figure out the answers.
See Answers

Vocabulary and Phrases


English vocabulary
  1. country (countries)

  2. 👉  Most of world countries are members of United Nations Assembly.

    👉  My country is Afghanistan and I love my country very much.

  3. nationality (nationalities)

  4. 👉  I am an Afghan and my nationality is Afghani.

  5. syllable

  6. 👉  A word can be made of one or several syllables.

    👉  the word "happy" is two syllable but the work "love" is one syllable.

  7. stress

  8. 👉   the world leaders stressed immediate support to Afghanistan people.

    👉   big works require big stresses.

  9. cute

  10. 👉  there are two small cute cats in our garden. they play all day.

    👉   My son is so cute. he makes a lot of fun.

  11. smart

  12. 👉  kids are smart. they lean things faster than adults.

  13. baby

  14. 👉  She just gave birth to a baby boy.

  15. age

  16. 👉  My grandfather died at the age of 94.

    👉  I was married when I had your age.

  17. negative

  18. 👉  John's Covid-19 test was negative. so he could freely travel.

    👉  Crona Virus had negative impacts on world's economy.

  19. statement

  20. 👉  Islamic Foreign ministers issued a joint statement to request support for Afghanistan people.

Numbers Pronunciation:

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Conversation and Homework

Conversation, Listening & homework

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