Grammar and Usage

Lesson 5 (Level 1)

Question and Negative with (Be)

تدریس صوتی استاد

The verb be is a helping verb and therefore, It can make a sentence question and negative.

Question with Be

- The verb be is used to turn a sentence into question.
Note: To turn a sentence into question we simply move the verb be to the start of the sentence and add a question mark (?) at the end.


  • Simple Present Tense - (am)

  • I am from Afghanistan. (statement)
  • Am I from Afghanistan? (question)

  • Present Continues Tense - (am)

  • I am shopping online. (statement)
  • Am I shopping online?? (question)

  • Simple Present Tense - (is)

  • He is a nice person. (statement)
  • Is he your friend? (question)
  • She is a teacher at school (statement)
  • Is she an English teacher? (question)
  • It is rainy in kabul. (statement)
  • Is it windy too? (question)

  • Present Continues Tense - (is)

  • He is driving a taxi.(statement)
  • Is he working in the city? (question)
  • She is teaching at school. (statement)
  • Is she working at home, too?(question)
  • It is getting cold. (statement)
  • Is It getting snowy, too?(question)

  • Simple Present Tense - (are)

  • You are a politician. (statement)
  • Are you a politician? (question)
  • We are classmates and friends. (statement)
  • Are We classmates and friends? (question)
  • They are very friendly. (statement)
  • Are They very serious? (question)
  • Present Continues Tense - (are)

  • You are talking on the phone. (statement)
  • Are you talking to Mahmood?(question)
  • We are cleaning the house. (statement)
  • Are We helping our mothers? (question)
  • They are selling vegetables. (statement)
  • Are they selling fruits, too? (question)

Negation with Be

- The verb be is used to make a sentence negative.
Note: To make a sentence negative we simply add not after the verb be.


  • Simple Present Tense - (am)

  • I am a driver. (statement)
    I am not a driver. (negative)

  • Present Continues Tense - (am)

  • I am walking in the park. (statement)
  • I am not sitting at home. (Negative)

  • Simple Present Tense - (is)

  • He is a student. (statement)
    He is not a student. (negative)
  • she is a teacher. (statement)
    she is not a teacher. (negative)
  • It is a good time for swimming. (statement)
  • It is not a good time for football. (Negative)

  • Present continues Tense - (am)

  • He is working at a hotel. (statement)
  • He is not working at a bank. (Negative)
  • She is learning English Online. (statement)
  • She is not going to school. (Negative)

  • Simple Present Tense - (are)

  • You are good at English writing. (statement)
  • You are not good at English speaking. (Negative)
  • We are brave people. (statement)
  • We are not coward people. (Negative)
  • they are from the USA. (statement)
    they are not from Canada. (negative)

  • Present continues Tense - (are)

  • You are traveling to Turkey. (statement)
  • You are not staying in Qatar. (Negative)
  • We are studying at university. (statement)
  • We are not teaching at school. (Negative)
  • They are living in Japan. (statement)
  • They are not living in Singapore. (Negative)

Grammar Exercise


Type the Question and Negative form of the following sentences

شکل سئوالیه و منفی جملات ذیل را تایپ کنید
  1. Mahmood is from Kabul.
  2. Habiba and Amena are sisters.
  3. we are good at football.
  4. my car is black and red.
  5. Hassan is at home.
  6. Majid and I are brothers
  7. they are at school now.
  8. Sara is a teacher at school

Try the above exercise on your own first. see the answers only if you're unable to figure out the answers.
See Answers

Vocabulary and Phrases

Words Meanings:

English vocabulary
  1. complete

  2. 👉   When I (complete) my university education, I will start looking for a job.

    👉   I want to buy a (complete) set of Apple wares such as a MacBook, iPhone, iPad and an Apple watch.

    👉   My sister has (completed) the sixth grade and is going to seven next year.

  3. correct

  4. 👉   to (correct) something means to make it free of errors.

    👉   Please (correct) me if I am wrong.

    👉   Only after decades It was found out that the "flat earth" theory was not (correct).

  5. partner

  6. 👉   Nowadays, many of the big technology companies become (partners) in innovative projects in order to make efficient progress.

    👉   Turkey along with so many other countries are European (partners) of NATO Alliance.

  7. activity

  8. 👉   students can learn much better with a class (activity) than a solo homework.

    👉   The advancements in radar technology have made every air (activity) of aerial vehicles detectible.

    👉   More physical (activity) will lead to better health in young and old people.

  9. personal

  10. 👉   this is his (personal) opinion and that in no way reflects of ours.

    👉   I purchased my (personal) computer when I was in China.

  11. information

  12. 👉   (information) is the key to the success of every business.

    👉   The era of internet is really the era of (information).

    👉   Now, with a simple search on google, one can access to the top (information) just about everything.

  13. famous

  14. 👉   Android and iOS are the two most (famous) mobile operating systems that empower millions of devices.

    👉   Amazon, ebay, BestBuy are some of the (famous) online markets where millions of purchases are made daily.

    👉   Online Marketing is (famous) among new generation of information technology students.

  15. want

  16. 👉   My sister (wants) to be a doctor in the future.

    👉   We (want) to develop our country and make it a safe place for investments and tourism.

  17. have to

  18. 👉   First, we, ourselves (have to) learn how to safely use social media and then to teach our kids how to use them.

    👉   Man and woman (have to) gain skill through education so as to help this country in its development

  19. can

  20. 👉   Women (can) be as eligible to have a role in the development of a society as men (can).

    👉   (Can) we work and live together peacefully despite our differences in beliefs and race?

Conversation and Homework

Conversation, Listening & homework

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