Grammar and Usage


Lesson 26 (Level 1)

Present Continues Wh-Questions

We use Wh-questions with Present continues to ask for information about an ongoing action.

We use Present Continues to:

- show an action happening now
The sun is shining
- talk about a planned action
I am moving to Mazar
- describe someone's routine
Sara is cooking the lunch


Wh + to be + S + verbing + C ?

what is she cooking for lunch ?
what are you planning for tomorrow ?
Where are they going now ?
Who is she talking to on the phone ?
Why is it getting cold ?
When are we expecting to meet ?

For full lecture of Wh-questions refer to Lesson Two - Level One
For full lecture of Present Continues Tense refer to Lesson Nineteen - Level One

study the above strcuture carefully, then Listen and Practice


Grammar Exercise

Grammar Exercise:

complete sentences below adding - to be & verb+ing

Rules of Addding "ing"

  1. what Samira ? - (cook)

  2. where your brother ? - (go)

  3. who you to? - (talk)

  4. what they now? - (make)

  5. when She here? - (come)

  6. what Ali and Mahood ? - (learn)

  7. who she to? - (call)

  8. where Samira and Sara now? - (live)

  9. who you football with? - (play)

  10. where I to? - (travel)
  11. what he for dinner? - (eat)

  12. who we English with? - (speak)

  13. why they the school? - (leave)

Try the above exercise on your own first. see the answers only if you're unable to figure out the answers.
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