Grammar and Usage

Lesson 9 (Level 1)

An Introduction to Prepositions

تدریس صوتی استاد


What are Prepositions?

prepositions are words that show the relationship between a noun or pronoun and another word.
For example: there is a box and some keys. so to show how these two are linked or what is their relation, we use prepositions.


The keys are in the box

The keys are in front of the box

The keys are behind the box

The keys are on the box

The keys are next to the box

The keys are under the box

More Examples:

Farid is in the class

Sara is in front of the class

Hamed is next to the car

the cat is under the car

the bird is on the car

Ali is in the car

the car is on the street, next to the tree and behind the truck


Prepositions always take an object and so the noun or pronoun that follows the prepositions is the object of preposition and is called prepositional object.


Ali is friend with me

the bird is on the car

the car is in the garden

I am with Ali

we are under the tree

my house is next to your house .

We travel to Kabul tomorrow.

Sara buys a gift for her sister .

Online Game for practicing Prepositions


  • in

    I am in Afghanistan and I work in a bank.
    Ali is in the house but I am out of the house.
    the star is in the sky.

  • in front of

    the park is in front of the hospital.
    Hadi sits in front of Haroon and behind Farid.
    Farid parks his car in front of his house.

  • behind

    the sun is behind the cloud and the cloud is in front of the sun.
    I walk behind you.
    number two is behind the nuumber one.

  • on

    a bird can walk on the water.
    Mahmood sits on the chair. the chair is on the floor .
    the car moves on the street.

  • next to

    I want to be next to you in the class.
    My house is next to the school and in front of park.
    Afghanistan is next to pakistan.

  • under

    We all live under one sky and on one earth.
    the water moves under the bridge .
    I wear a shirt under my coat.

  • with

    I work with Ali in a bank.
    he eats rice with vegetable. but I eat rice with bread.
    I go to school with my friend.

  • out of

    His phone is out of reach. He is out of country.
    my father goes out of the house everyday.
    I am now out of the class and in the house.

  • Grammar Exercise


    Type in the blanks the proper preposition based on Farsi sentence

    براساس جملات فارسی حرف اضافه درست را تایپ کنید
    1. the bird is the tree and the tree is the garden.
    2. I am Mahmood the class.
    3. the hospital is the school and the park.
    4. I sit Hadi the class.
    5. my father is the house now. but he will be the house at night.
    6. Hamid parks his car his house, and not street.
    7. we love to sit the tree everyday.

    Try the above exercise on your own first. see the answers only if you're unable to figure out the answers.
    See Answers

    Vocabulary and Phrases

    Words Meanings:

    English vocabulary
    1. in

    2. 👉   There are four objects in my bag. a pen, a pencil, a book and a notebook.

      👉   I like to study in Canada and work in my country.

      👉   There are some big online shops in the world such as Amazon, ebay, Alibaba and bestbuy.

    3. in front of

    4. 👉   I have a big challenge in front of me. it's to study my master degree or to seek for a new job.

      👉   The car in front of our house is a BMW and it belongs to my brother.

    5. behind

    6. 👉   behind every successful man there's a strong woman.

      👉   Next week, we are going behind the mountains for picnic.

    7. on

    8. 👉   NASA has found water on the moon but there's doubt if human can live on it.

      👉   We can't trust on every person we see for the first time. so we need to try them.

    9. next to

    10. 👉   Canada is next to the United States but far away from Europe.

      👉   I sit next to my friend in the class..

    11. under

    12. 👉   The world is under a big threat and that is the climate warming.

      👉   we are living under the same sky.

    13. at

    14. 👉   The world leaders gather at the United Nations headquarters in New York each year.

      👉   My father goes to work everyday. so he's at work right now.

    15. after

    16. 👉   Alice and John married each other after five years of relationship.

      👉   The baby elephant walks after his mother.

    17. before

    18. 👉   I want to finish university before I get married.

      👉   We lived in Kabul before, but now We live in Herat.

    19. out of

    20. 👉   John went out of Office. Perhaps he has an appointment with someone.

      👉   A lot of people moved out of Afghanistan when the government collapsed.

    21. in the middle of

    22. 👉   Afghanistan is located in the middle of Asia.

      👉   We are going to build a cottage in the middle of our garden.

    23. over

    24. 👉  There's a big fan on the ceiling just over our head.

      👉   The cat jumped over the wall and hid into the trees.

    25. with

    26. 👉   We learn English with the help of

      👉   Susan works with John in a grocery store. she is a seller.

    27. without

    28. 👉   We can't learn English without speaking it.

      👉   and likewise we can't live without food.

    29. from

    30. 👉   We learn new things from our everyday experience.

      👉   Alice and John are from the United States.

    31. to

    32. 👉   We are travelling to Kabul next week.

      👉   My father goes to with by bus but come to home on feet.

    Conversation and Homework

    Conversation, Listening & homework

    👉   Native Conversation and Homework 👈