Grammar and Usage


Lesson 16 (Level 1)

possessive Question with Whose

The wh-question Whose is used to ask about the owner of something.


Wh-question Whose can be used as an interrogative adjective or pronoun.
when it is used as interrogative adjective it will be followed by a noun
and when it is used as interrogative pronoun it will be followed by to be verb.

Whose as Interrogative Adjective

It's followed by an Noun

whose + Noun + to be + C ?

Whose book is this?
It's Hamed's book
Whose house is that?
It's Sara's house
Whose jeans are these?
They are my jeans
Whose brother is Mahmood?
He is Hadi's brother

Whose as Interrogative Pronoun

It's followed by to be verb

whose + is + noun + C ?

Whose is the car in the parking?
It's Reza's car.
Whose are these books ?
They are our books.
Whose is the house in the garden?
It's Hadi and Samim's house
Whose are the cats in the yard?
They are our neighbor's cats


whose house is this ? this is Ali's house. It is Ali's house.
whose car is that ? that is my car. It is my car.
whose students are those ? those are Sara's students. they are Sara's students.
whose pens are these ? these are our pens . they are our pens.


  • Asking about People

    whose brother is Ali? he is her brother.
    whose teacher is she? she is our teacher.

  • Asking about Place

    whose home is that? it is my home
    whose school is near the park? our school is near the park
    whose city name is Kabul? their city name is Kabul

  • asking about things

    whose kite is that? it is his kite
    whose shoes are these? they are her shoes
    whose car is black? your car is black

  • Grammar Exercise

    Grammar Exercise:

    Make and type the English form of the following sentences (interrogative Adjectives Only)

    1. ?
    2. ?
    3. ?
    4. ?
    5. ?
    6. ?

    Try the above exercise on your own first. see the answers only if you're unable to figure out the answers.
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