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Lesson 17 (Level 1)

Possessive Pronouns

Possessive pronouns replace the noun and show possession.

Possessive Pronouns Are:

  • mine - It's my book = It's mine
  • yours - It's your book = It's yours
  • ours - It's our book = It's ours
  • theirs - It's their book = It's theirs
  • his - It's his book = It's his
  • hers - It's her book = It's hers
  • More Example:
    this is my book. it is (my book) mine
    These are our cars. they are (our cars) ours
    He is a student. He is (your student) yours
    this is a house. it is (her house) hers


    this is a book .(Intro) It is yours(Possessive)
    these are pens .(Intro) they are hers(Possessive)
    that is your car (Intro) it is yours (Possessive)


  • mine

    this is my house and that is mine , too
    Wahid is my friend and Hashem is mine , too
    these are my classmates and those are mine , too

  • yours

    this is your Car and that is yours , too
    Farsi is your language and Pashto is yours , too
    these are your friends and those are yours , too

  • ours

    this is our house and that is ours , too
    you are our friend and Hashem is ours , too
    these are our cars and those are ours , too

  • theirs

    this is their house and that is theirs , too
    Wahid is their friend and Hashem is theirs , too
    these are their classmates and those are theirs , too

  • his

    I am his friend and Ali is his , too
    Kabul is his city and Herat is his , too
    these are his brothers and those are his , too

  • hers

    this is her house and that is hers , too
    Sara is her friend and Samira is hers , too
    these are her classmates and those are hers , too

  • Grammar Exercise

    Grammar Exercise:

    Complete the conversation Using (whose/possessive Adjectives/possessive Pronouns)

    انترچنج انترو - صفحه 24
    1. A: Hey! these aren't (our / ours) clothes!
      B: you are right. (our /ours) are over there.
    2. A : these aren't ( my/mine) gloves. are
      they ( your/yours )?
      B : No, They're not ( my/mine ). ask Sally. maybe
      they're ( her/hers ).
    3. A : ( whose/yours ) T-shirts are these ? are they
      Julia's and Pat's?
      B : No, they're not ( their/theirs ) T-shirts. but
      those socks are (their/theirs) and these
      shorts are ( your/yours ).

    Try the above exercise on your own first. see the answers only if you're unable to figure out the answers.
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