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Lesson 2 (Level 1)

Possessive Adjectives & Pronouns

تدریس صوتی استاد


Possessive Adjective

Possessive adjectives are placed before noun to show possession. Possessive adjectives help us express who something belongs to.
For example: "This is my book.", here the word my is a possessive adjective and it indicates that the "book" belongs to "me".

Possessive Adjectives are:

  • My
  • Your
  • Our
  • their
  • His
  • Her
  • its
  • structure

    Adjective + Noun

    Possessive Adjectives are always placed before a noun to show who possesses something or has it.
    For example: "Ali is my brother". The word " my " in this sentence is possessive adjective and the word "brother" is a noun. therefore, the possessive adjective is place before noun.


    my name is Mahmood

    what is your name ?

    these are our books

    their favorite team is Barcelona.

    His brother is a chess champion.

    These are her children.

    I have a car. Its color is white.


    Possessive Pronouns

    Possessive Pronouns are used alone or in place of a noun to show possession. Possessive Pronouns show ownership and stops the noun's repetition.
    For example: "This is a book. It's mine.", here the word mine is a possessive Pronoun which replaces the "book" and shows its owner.

    Possessive Pronouns are:

  • Mine - This is my book. It is mine.
  • Yours - This is your car. It is yours.
  • Ours - This is our house. It is ours.
  • theirs - Those are their bicycles. They are theirs.
  • His - These are his pens. they are his.
  • Hers - This is her son. He is hers.
  • structure

    Possessive Pronoun + be
    Yours is over there.
    be + Possessive Pronoun
    That is mine

    Possessive Pronouns are always used in the second clause or sentence where the object of possession is introduced in the first.
    For example: "Ali is your friend but Reza is mine". The word " mine " in this sentence is a possessive pronoun that replaces both "possessive adjective and the noun" and at the same time shows possession.


    Ali's car is black but mine is white.

    Your class is started and so is mine.

    Hadi wants to sell his phone But Sara wants to keep hers.

    Suzan loves her job and Sally loves hers, too.

    More Examples:

  • Possessive Adjectives

    Where is your car? my car is in the parking.

    I am your friend but I am not your classmate.

    some of our friends are from Kabul. they live in Herat now. but our teacher is from India. He teaches our in English.

    Sara and Hamed live with their family in Paris. their father works at restaurant and their mother works at a supermarket.

    Hamed has some good friends. his friends play football with him at school. Hamed and his friends are classmates.

    Sara likes her brother, Hamed. sometimes, she and her go to picnic. She has some good friends, too. Sara and her meet each other on weekends.

  • Possessive Pronouns

    Whose friend is John? He is mine. whose car is newer? yours is newer.

    Where are your houses? Sara's house is over there but mine is here.

    John goes to school and I go to school, too. his school starts in the morning but mine starts in the afternoon.

    Jolly is John's sister and Paula is his, too.

  • Grammar Exercise

    Grammar Exercise:

    Fill in the blanks with proper Possessive Adjectives

    خانه های خالی را باصفات ملکی مناسب پرکنید
    1. I am a student, name is Haamed.
    2. she is a teacher class is there.
    3. they are from USA, language is English.
    4. we go to school, teacher is very good.
    5. He is my brother, name is Ali.
    6. that is my car, color is black.
    7. I and my friend go to course, class is big.
    8. Sara and Homaira are classmates, fathers are Farmers.
    9. I have two cars, colors are red and black.

    Try the above exercise on your own first. see the answers only if you're unable to figure out the answers.
    See Answers

    Vocabulary and Phrases

    Words Meanings:

    English vocabulary
    1. then

    2. 👉   First register with and (then) log in using your username and password.

      👉   To start a car, first put it on neutral and (then) turn the switch.

      👉   Usually It's the wind that starts blowing first and (then) it starts to rain.

    3. make

    4. 👉   Auto makers usually (make) concept cars each year and put them into competition with each other.

      👉   There are few countries in the world that can (make) Covid-19 vaccines, and Russia is one of them.

      👉   Please (make) up your mind well before signing of the partnership contract, as it will not be undone.

    5. title

    6. 👉   Let's choose an attracting (title) for our project.

      👉   Researchers have published an article under (title) of "Covid-19 effects on labour"...

      👉   Can I know the (title) of your blog page? I would like to take a loot into it.

    7. Mr.

    8. 👉   (Mr.) is the title for a male person.

      👉   Hello Mr. John. Do you hear me?

    9. Miss

    10. 👉   Miss Soudaba will marry Mr. Nikzad next week. They really love each other.

    11. Mrs.

    12. 👉   (Mrs.) is the title for a married lady. usually she is called by her husbands last name. for example John's wife will be called as "Mrs. John".

    13. Ms.

    14. saying

    15. 👉   I dropped by just for (saying) hello.

      👉   It's a famous (saying) that "what goes around comes around".

    16. great

    17. 👉  Ladies and gentlemen, It's (great) to have you with us. Your are watching the morning podcast.

      👉   The dinner was so (great) that no body had any leftovers.

      👉   We compared pictures taken by both iPhone and Galaxy smartphone camera. they were both equally (great).

    18. good morning

    19. 👉   Good morning John. how are you doing today?

    20. good afternoon

    21. 👉   I dropped by you just to say (good afternoon).

    22. good evening

    23. pretty

    24. 👉   I'm (pretty) well. how about you?

      👉   Sara is really (pretty) and she is kind, too.

    Conversation and Homework

    Conversation, Listening & homework

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