Grammar and Usage

Lesson 7 (Level 1)

Object and Object Pronouns

تدریس صوتی استاد


What is Object?

Object is the receiver of an action. Object and Object pronouns are placed after the verb or preposition

He calls Mahmood. (after verb)
Sara invites him to the party. (after verb)
Hamed and Mahmood play football. (after verb)
They play with each other. (after preposition)
I go to a bank. (after preposition)
I work in it. (after preposition)

Object Pronoun

Object Pronoun is a word that replaces the Object (and stops its repetition)

I see Mahmood everyday. I see him everyday.
she teaches students at school. she teaches them at school.
we like our country very much. we like it very much.
they help their parents at home . they help them at home.

The object pronouns are:

  • Me
  • You
  • Us
  • Them
  • Him
  • Her
  • It

  • Definition:

    Prepositional Object

    The "noun" or "pronoun" that follows a preposition is called prepositional object .

    For example: John travels to France. here "John" is the subject, "travels" is the main verb, "to" is the preposition and "France" is the prepositional object.

    Sub Verb preposition prep. Object
    Parviz works for me
    Students look at the board
    We Live on the earth
    Sara cooks in the kitchen

    More Examples:

  • Object pronouns

    My mother talks to me on the phone everyday. she misses me a lot. she is living in Kabul but I am living in Sweden.

    Oh, my dearest mother I love you so much and I miss you a lot, too.

    our parents love us a lot. They always remember us even when we have forgotten them.

    our parents are very dear. we have to love them, and respect them all the time

    Rashid is my brother. I like him, and I help him with his lessons everyday

    Hosna is my sister. I like her too. She works at an office so I drive her to her work everyday.

    this is my car. I drive It everyday. but I don't like It very much

  • Prepositional Objects

    Sara goes to university everyday. She also studies English at a course. On weekends she along with her friends go to a park and talk about their classes.

    John works with his brother in a restaurant downtown. John cooks delicious food but his brother serves them to people. They make a good money. they sometime invite their friends to their restaurant and enjoy their time with them.

  • Grammar Exercise


    Fill in the blanks with proper Object Pronoun

    خانه های خالی را با ضمایر مفعولی مناسب پرکنید
    1. Mahmood and I are friends. he knows very well. and he likes a lot.
    2. football is a game. the people play everywhere. they love .
    3. Hosna teaches English. students like , I like , too.
    4. my car is old. I want to change
    5. Farid is a driver. I see everyday because I like very much.
    6. the teachers teach at school, so we have to respect .
    7. my father is a worker. I love and he loves
    8. Hania is my classmate. I help in the class. she speaks English with .
    9. I have two books. I study at home.

    Try the above exercise on your own first. see the answers only if you're unable to figure out the answers.
    See Answers

    Vocabulary and Phrases

    Words Meanings:

    English vocabulary
    1. action

    2. 👉   The people may take (action) if the price goes any higher.

      👉   We will put all our capacity into (action) in order to solve this problem soon.

      👉   All of the armed forces are called to (action) against threats of terrorism.

    3. receive

    4. 👉   The winning olympic team will (receive) an outstanding hail and support from the people.

      👉   I will reply to your letter as soon as I (receive) it.

      👉   Now, with services like MoneyGram and WesternUnion one can send and (receive) money from anywhere in the world just in a matter of minutes.

    5. call

    6. 👉   Please don't (call) me when I am driving.

      👉   I will (call) her to know how is she doing?

      👉   what's this (called) in English?

    7. talk

    8. 👉   the presidents of all world countries will talk to the wold and deliver their speech at UN Assembly.

      👉   I have an appointment with my partner at a Cafe. we are going to talk about our future plans.

    9. replace

    10. 👉   If an iPhone' battery fails, you cannot (replace) it. you will have to change you phone.

      👉   No one can replace the mercy of our mothers and no one can bear up the hardships our fathers take.

    11. dear

    12. 👉   The whole family is (dear) to us, but our mothers are the (dearest)

      👉   The youthfulness is so dear that cannot be traded in with anything.

    13. respect

    14. 👉   The students had a lot of (respect) for their teacher.

      👉   We are all obliged to respect our parents and any who help us grow up.

    15. all the time

    16. 👉   The technology is getting improved all the time such that keeping up-to-date with it is hard job.

      👉   I use twitter as a social media all the time. It's neat, official and lovely.

      👉   We have to take care of each other all the time as we are human and human is a needy creature.

    17. know

    18. 👉   We know more today than we did yesterday and certainly human know more now than what he knew a century ago.

      👉   Do you know what causes the earth to revolve around the sun?

      👉   We all know there's only one creator for this extremely interconnected world.

    19. a lot

    20. 👉   We don't meet each other a lot but we do a lot of chat on the internet.

      👉   Thanks a lot to the internet. now we can access great scientific articles just in a matter of one or two clicks.

    21. teach

    22. 👉   In a classic class we can (teach) maybe a hundred students but in an online virtual class we can (teach) upto a million. this is what technology offers us today.

      👉   Our teacher (teaches) us with a lot of practical examples.

    23. change

    24. 👉   You can change the world if you could change yourself.

      👉   The emerge of smart phones did change our lives in a good or bad way.

      👉   The USA wanted to change Afghans culture and style but miserably failed and left Afghanistan.

    25. move

    26. 👉   Our company will (move) to its new infrastructure in the near futer.

      👉   Tt's a saying that "with sound mind and sound body you can (move) a mountain"