Grammar and Usage

Lesson 6 (Level 1)

Noun and Personal Pronouns

تدریس صوتی استاد


Noun is a word for naming people, place and things. words like "Ahmad, morning, car, flower, happiness, anger" are all nouns.

Hassan is a good boy
Reza and Hashem are brothers
Sara lives in Kabul
the birds sing every morning
The earth revolves around the sun

Nouns are generally of two categories. "Concrete Noun " and " Abstract noun "

Concrete Noun is the name for anything that has a physical existence or can be experienced with our five senses such as "smell, touch, sight, hearing, or taste".
For example "apple" is something that we can touch with our hands or taste it. therefore, "apple" is a concrete noun
some more examples of "concrete nouns" are:
body (can be touched)
wind (can be felt with sense of touch)
light (can be seen with sense of sight)
water (can be tasted)
sweet (can be tasted)
music (can be heard)
perfume (can be smelled)
and more.

Abstract noun opposite to the concrete noun, is the name for things that cannot be experienced with any of our five senses. words like "anger, happiness, joy, love, peace, idea and so on" are abstract nouns.
For example "happiness" is a name for something that cannot be experience with our fives sense. rather, it's something that can only be understood by our thought.
some more examples of "abstract nouns" are: right, wrong, life, goal, luck, loss and so on.


Pronoun is a word that replaces the noun (and stops the repetition of noun)

Mahmood is my friend. He is a good boy.
the car is black. it is nice.
I like the flower. I like it very much.
Sara is a student. she is very smart.

A noun or pronoun can be the subject or object in the sentence.

Noun or Pronoun as the subject

Subject is the doer of an action and is placed at the beginning of a sentence


Mahmood plays football.
He is a good boy.

The subject pronouns are:

  • I ( I am a computer science student )
  • You ( You are a good social marketer )
  • We ( We shop online a lot )
  • They ( They are university students )
  • He ( He studies software Engineering )
  • She ( She travels to many countries )
  • It ( It is made in China )

  • Object and object pronouns (next lesson)


  • I

    My name is Habib. I am an English Student.

  • You

    You are my friend.
    and You are my best friend

  • we

    we are from Afghanistan.
    but we are not from Kabul

  • They

    they are our friends.
    but They are not our classmates

  • He

    He is a farmer.
    He is a father, too

  • She

    She is a teacher.
    but she is not a driver

  • It

    It is a house.
    but It is not new

  • Grammar Exercise


    Fill in the blanks with proper Subject Pronouns

    خانه های خالی را با ضمایر فاعلی مناسب پرکنید
    1. this is my car. is very nice.
    2. Haamed and Mahmood are brothers. are students.
    3. Sara is an Afghan. is from Kabul.
    4. I and Mahmood are friends are classmates.
    5. Aref is a football player. is very fast.
    6. my name is Ali am an English teacher.
    7. the cat is black. is very nice.
    8. Hassib and Reza are classmates. are very smart and polite.
    9. Hosna and Haroon are brother and sister. are happy.
    10. am an Afghan and like my country.

    Try the above exercise on your own first. see the answers only if you're unable to figure out the answers.
    See Answers

    Vocabulary and Phrases

    Words Meanings:

    English vocabulary
    1. see

    2. 👉   Can I (see) you tomorrow?

      👉   I (see) a car on the street. whose is it?

      👉   We want to (see) your new computer.

    3. later

    4. 👉   My brother goes to school early but my sister goes (later).

      👉   Can I call you back (later)? I need to go somewhere.

      👉   The schools are going to start (later) this year due to Covid-19 restrictions.

    5. tomorrow

    6. 👉   We have a meeting (tomorrow). can you be there?

      👉   Today's hard work will be (tomorrow)'s comfort.

    7. have

    8. 👉   The students (have) a football match tomorrow. they are going to compete for the top place.

      👉   I (have) an iPhone but my brother (has) an Android Phone

    9. weekend

    10. 👉   We usually meet each other on (weekends).

      👉   The supermarket is going to offer a big discount this (weekend).

    11. go

    12. 👉   Students are (going) to a camping next week.

      👉   We (go) to this year's smart phones expo. there're (going) to be showcased some new smart phones from Samsung, Apple, LG and Huawei.

      👉   My family will (go) to picnic tomorrow. we are (going) to eat a special food.

    13. say

    14. 👉   When I gather with my friends we usually (say) a lot of jokes.

      👉   John is going to propose marriage to Sara and She is expected to (say) "yes".

    Conversation and Homework

    Conversation, Listening & homework

    👉   Native Conversation and Homework 👈