Grammar and Usage


Lesson 22 (Level 1)


conjunctions connect two words or sentences.

  • and - Ali and Reza are friends
  • but - the car is fast but it's old
  • or - Is he at home or at work?
  • so - It's holiday so let's go picnic
  • I have a book and a pen
    I have a car and Hadi has a car, too
    she is speaking English but I am speaking Arabic
    we are playing football but we are not playing vollyball
    Is it black or is it white?
    You stay home or come with me
    it's snowing so it's very cold
    I am learning English so I can speak English.

    Present Continues Tense Practice


    subject + To Be + Verbing + C

    I am beginning my work
    you are submitting your homework
    they are paying their tax
    the doctor is treating his patient
    she is living in Herat
    Ali and Reza are entering the school

    Present Continues Tense Usages

    Present Continues Tense is used:

    • To show an action is happening now

      I am talking to my father

      He is washing the dishes

      We are speaking on the phone

    • To show the current state or condition of someone or something

      she is wearing a blue coat

      it's raining in Kabul

    • To show a regular or repeated action

      the trees are growing very fast

      we are playing football every day

    • To express will or intention

      I am leaving Kabul

      she is making a film next year

    Be going to

    Future action with "be going to"

    be + going to is used to show a strong will for a future action.

    subject + be going to + Verb + C

    I am going to travel to Iran
    You are going to watch a movie
    they are going to make a house
    He is going to talk with you
    she is going to teach English
    Ali and Reza are going to enter the school

    class work:

  • Change the following sentences into English


  • Make sentences from below jumbled words

    ver/growing/fast/are/the tees
    a car/he/everyday/driving/is
    are/football/playing/the students/

  • Turn the following sentences into question

    the car is moving on the street
    my brother is working at a bank
    she and her brother are living in kabul
    Samira and Sara are helping their mother at home
    they are making a house in the city
    the students are speaking English

  • Change the following sentences into Present Continues Tense

    she (work)s in a hotel
    they (play) football at school
    I (speak) English with my students
    he (drive)s a taxi in the city
    we (make) a house in the garden
    you (come) home from USA

  • Grammar Exercise

    Grammar Exercise:

    make present continues sentences from below jumbled words

    1. in/living/they/a/are/house
    2. cleaning/is/she/house/the
    3. in/brother/the park/playing/my/is
    4. red/wearing/is/Sara/jacket/a
    5. football/we/at/playing/are/school.
    6. Habib/are/his/teaching/brother/and/English
    7. father/working/your/is/a bank/in/?
    8. helping/at/my/I/home/am/mother
    9. Samira and Sara/English/are/speaking
    10. very/growing/the trees/fast/are
    11. Nasim/homework/is/his/writing
    12. in/sky/the/birds/the/are/flying

    Ù‘Fill in the blanks with proper conjunctions

    • Hashem his brother are learning English. they are going to school in the morning they are going to English class in the afternoo. their house is near the park they go to park every day. Sara is Hashem's sister. she is learning English she is not going to school. she is graduated . Hashem his brother are going to the same school they are not classmates. now, I ask you, who is older, Hashem his brother?

    Try the above exercise on your own first. see the answers only if you're unable to figure out the answers. Jumbled words

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