Grammar and Usage

Lesson 8 (Level 1)

Direct and Indirect Object

تدریس صوتی استاد

Object is the receiver of an action. Object and Object pronouns are placed after the verb or preposition

He calls Mahmood. (after verb)
Sara invites him to the party. (after verb)
Hamed and Mahmood play football. (after verb)
They play with each other. (after preposition)
I go to a bank. (after preposition)
I work in it. (after preposition)


Direct Object

Direct object is the main person or thing which an action is carried upon, or in other word, direct object is the main recipient of an action.

For example: John makes a house. here "John" is the subject, "makes" is the verb and "house" is the direct object of the verb.

Subject Verb Direct Object
Reza visits his father
Sara makes a cake
We learn English
They play football
John eats dinner

How to find direct object?

We can find the direct object by putting the question words "what" or "who(m)" after the main verb. the "answer" will be the direct object.

John builds what?
John builds a house.
Alice calls whom?
Alice calls Steven.
Please open what?
please open the door.

Indirect Object

The indirect object is a person or thing that benefits from the main verb, or in other words, indirect object is the one who receives the direct object.

For example: John makes Sara a house. here "John" is the subject, "makes" is the main verb, "house" is the direct object and "Sara" is the indirect object.

Note: The indirect object is placed between "main verb" and the direct object.

Sub Verb Indirect Object Direct Object
Hadi throws Ali the ball
Stephan shows me a movie
We teach students English
Alice gives her sister a gift

How to find indirect object?

We can find the indirect object by putting the question words "for whom" or "for what" after the direct object.

John builds a house
-   for whom?.
John builds Sara a house.
Alice brings a gift
-   for whom?.
Alice brings her sister a gift.
We teach English
-   for whom?.
We teach students English.


Indirect Object is also placed after preposition.

I teach English to students.

We play piano for children.

Suzan and Calvin buy a gift for their mother.

Grammar Exercise


Identify "direct" and "indirect" object and type them below

مفعول مستقیم و غیر مستقیم را شناسائی کرده در ذیل تایپ کنید
  1. I teach "students" "English"

    Direct Object:

    Indirect Object:

  2. Sara plays "piano" for "children" at school.

    Direct Object:

    Indirect Object:

  3. UNHCR gives "people" "some money" this week.

    Direct Object:

    Indirect Object:

  4. The teacher wants to teach "English" to "students" at home.

    Direct Object:

    Indirect Object:

  5. My father is going to buy "me" "a car".

    Direct Object:

    Indirect Object:

  6. Steven sings "Kelly" "a song".

    Direct Object:

    Indirect Object:

Vocabulary and Phrases

Words Meanings:

English vocabulary
  1. interesting

  2. 👉   This weekend I read a novel. It was really (interesting).

    👉   Alice is an interesting person. she really makes me laugh.

  3. wow

  4. 👉  Wow! that was a really good shot!

  5. sunglasses

  6. 👉   we are going on a picnic this summer so I need to buy a pair of (sunglasses)

    👉   Sunglasses protect our eyes against harming sunlights.

  7. scarf

  8. 👉   Sara gifted her sister a scarf on her birthday.

    👉   She's going to wear a blue scarf at her wedding ceremony.

  9. key

  10. 👉   Hard work is the key to success.

    👉   John lost his car key at work. so he walked all the way to home.

  11. wallet

  12. 👉   I don't have any money in my wallet.

    👉   Shaheen wants to buy a car with his Paypal Wallet.

  13. you're welcome

  14. 👉  When someone says "thank you" we usually answer "you're welcome".

  15. object

  16. 👉  We say object for anything that is not a living being.

    👉  A sentence may have a subject (the doer of an action) and an object (the receiver of an action).

  17. open

  18. 👉  Imagination opens the door of innovation to us.

    👉  Leave the door open behind you.

  19. box

  20. 👉  The cat is in the box and the box is under the table.

  21. earring

  22. 👉  She likes to have a gold earring and a silver necklace.

    👉  Alice bought her earring from

  23. article

  24. 👉  I write English learning articles for an Online English Class -

    👉  Sadeq published his research article in a magazine.

  25. cool

  26. 👉  Wow! the weather is so cool here. I really like it.

    👉  John is a really cool friend. he always makes us laugh and enjoy our time.

  27. map

  28. 👉  Can you find your home on google map?

    👉  there is a map on the wall in our class. It shows the whole country and its provinces.

  29. wall

  30. 👉  Turkey is putting up a wall onto its border with Iran to stop the influx of refugees.

    👉  Our garden has a tall wall. so no one can climb over it.

  31. wastebasket

  32. 👉  There is usually a wastebasket in every house and office.

    👉  we have to teach our children to put their trashes into a wastebasket and not on the streets.

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