Grammar and Usage

Lesson 11 (Level 1)

Demonstrative Adjective, Pronoun and Adverb

تدریس صوتی استاد


Demonstratives are words like "this, that, these, those, here, there" which indicate the location of something in relation to the speaker.


Demonstrative Adjective

The words "this, that, these, those" when they are placed before a noun are called demonstrative adjectives

    This - Points to a near and singular Noun

    That - Points to far and singular Noun

    These - Points to near and plural Nouns

    Those - Points to far and plural Nouns


This car is very expensive.
That boy is my friend.
These students are from kabul.
Those teachers are very kind.


this/that/thses/those + Noun + to be + complement


This cat belongs to Steven.

That car is made in Japan.

These flowers are really fresh and fragrant.

Those children are going to kindergarten.

Demonstrative Pronouns

demonstrative pronouns are used instead of a noun to point to the person or thing that we talk about.

The words "this, that, these, those" when they are used in place of a noun they function as demonstrative pronouns.

    This - Points to a near and singular Noun

    That - Points to far and singular Noun

    These - Points to near and plural Nouns

    Those - Points to far and plural Nouns


This is an expensive car.

That is my friend.

These are English students.

Those are my classmates.


this/that/these/those + to be + complement


This is my house.

That is a nice car.

These are from kabul.

Those are very kind.

Demonstrative adverbs

Adverbs are used to make emphasis and so the words "here, there" are demonstrative adverbs which emphasize the location of something in relation to the speaker.

For example: I live "here" in Paris but my family lives "there" in Kabul.
In the above example both "here" and "there" are demonstrative adverbs which indicate whether what's talked about is far or near in regard to the speaker.

    Here - emphasizes that something is near

    There - emphasizes that something is far


It's very cold here. how's the weather like there?

We, here in Paris live in an apartment.

My father lives in a village. he is farming there .

here you are. Politely: take this

there you go. That's what was expected


Demonstrative Adjectives

This house is very large. This car is new. This building is a supermarket.

That boy is my brother. That bird is a parrot. That mountain is very tall.

These students learn English. These people go to work everyday. These books are novels.

Those children are happy. they go to school. Those cars are fast. they are new. Those smartphones are expensive.

This building is a hospital
but that over there is a school

That person is my friend and that girl is my sister
That is Reza. He is my friend. we work here together.
that is the hospital. and the building over there is a hotel.

These people are Afghans. they are from Kabul
these are birds. they are very nice

those people are Engineers. they build a house
those are players. they play football.

Demonstrative Pronouns

This is my friend, Ahmad and that is my classmate, John.

These are students from the United States but those are tourists from Canada.

These are Apple iPhones and they are expensive but those are Android phones from Samsung, Huawei and LG.

This is a laptop computer built in China but that is an HP computer built in Germany.

Demonstrative Adverbs

Our school is there but our house is right here.

The people here in Canada play baseball and Tennis but there in Afghanistan, people play football and cricket.

If you are looking for your books, they are over there.

Vocabulary and Phrases

Words Meanings:

English vocabulary
  1. progress

  2. 👉   Our progress in learning English has been really good.

    👉   The world has witnessed a tremendous progress in technology during the 20th century.

  3. check

  4. 👉  The doctor checked Ali for his health.

    👉   Please check your email inbox. we just sent you an Email with a link to follow.

  5. wrong

  6. 👉   You have dialed a wrong number. please check and dial again.

    👉   You are sitting in a wrong place. please find you'r own place!

  7. anything

  8. 👉   You can find anything on the internet; such as articles, movies, songs and more.

    👉   I don't have anything for you today.

  9. something

  10. 👉   please tell me something about your new job. is it interesting?

    👉  There's something in my pocket. can you guess what?.

  11. large

  12. 👉   Russia is a large country with many cities.

    👉   Amazon is a large forest in Latin America.

  13. world

  14. 👉  the world is changing at fast pace.

    👉   People throughout the world will be affected by the phenomena of climate change.

  15. match

  16. 👉  The true man is someone whose words and acts are matched.

    👉   In our English exam, we had to match words with their meanings.

  17. originally

  18. 👉  a big part of Pakistan was Afghanistan's territory, originally.

  19. early

  20. 👉   I wake up early in the morning and do some exercise.

    👉   please come early! the doors will be closed by 9 O'clock.

  21. late

  22. 👉  anyone who comes late will miss the test.

    👉  I arrived home late in the evening.

  23. parents

  24. 👉  our parents are our best friends.

    👉  Sara lives with his parents in an apartment building.

  25. first language

  26. 👉   I live in Afghanistan and so my first language is Farsi.

Conversation and Homework

Conversation, Listening & homework

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