Grammar and Usage


Lesson 13 (Level 1)

Definite Article and Usages

تدریس صوتی استاد


What is article?

Articles are used to indicate that we refer to, whether it is known to the hearer or unknown.

this is a book.(unknown)
I have an idea. (unknown)
I give the book to Ali. (known)
the sun is too far away. (known)

definite articles

We use definite article to tell the hearer that what we talk about is known to him.

This is the cat we saw yesterday.
Where is the teacher?
Hamed builds a house. the house is there.

The definite article is:

  • the -
    - before singular => The book...
    - plural nouns => The students...
    - before countable => The cars...
    - none countable nouns => The water...

  • Usage

    Note: definite article also indicates that:
    - something is mentioned before.
    - something is unique.
    - something is general.
    - something is superlative.


    I have a plastic ball. the ball is very nice (mentioned before)

    They work in a bank. the bank is large. (mentioned before)

    I worship the God.(unique)

    the sky is very high.(unique)

    the weather is good today. (General)

    the dogs are faithful animals. (General)

    I wish you the best. (superlative - برترین)

    Shamsiya was the top scorer of Kankoor. (superlative - برترین)


    definite article can be used before countable, non-countable, singular and plural nouns.

    the water is good for health. (non-countable)
    the pen is black. (singular, countable)
    we are the afghans . (plural, countable)


  • the ( آن - معلوم )

    I teach my students English. the students are intelligent. we study the Interchange book.
    the class starts in the morning and ends in the afternoon.

  • Grammar Exercise


    Type (a/an/the) in the proper blank

    1. I have car and motorcycle. car is black. and motorcycle is red.
    2. today is good day. I like weather.
    3. Hosna works in bank . bank is near to her house.
    4. I am Muslim. I love my prophet. Prophet Name is Mohammad (pbuh).
    5. Kabul is city. it is capital of Afghanistan.
    6. we live on earth. It is good planet.
    7. football is best (بهترین) sport. we all love it.
    8. sun is shining . and cloud is raining .

    Try the above exercise on your own first. see the answers only if you're unable to figure out the answers.
    See Answers

    Vocabulary and Phrases

    Words Meanings:

    English vocabulary
    1. indicate

    2. 👉  The smile on the face indicates the happiness of heart.

      👉  world statistic indicates that Covid-19 is coming under control.

    3. refer

    4. 👉  John referred to doctor as soon as he felt weakness and headache.

      👉  Most of the time, when I have a problem I refer to google and search for a solution.

    5. hear

    6. 👉  Protesters are demanding their rights so officials should hear them.

      👉  He lost his hearing so he can not hear others.

    7. yesterday

    8. 👉  I had a meeting yesterday. I talked to my boss about a pay raise.

      👉  the hardship of yesterday will be the ease of today.

    9. today

    10. 👉  Today, Samsung will announce it's new flagship smartphone.

      👉  As of today, you are in charge of the company.

    11. prophet

    12. 👉  Our prophet lived about 1400 years ago but still he is remembered and glorified all around the world.

      👉  Prophets are God's ambassadors to humanity. they show us the way to prosperity.

    13. weather

    14. 👉  Should the weather be good, we go beach tomorrow.

      👉  what's the weather like in Parsi?

    15. round

    16. 👉  The earth's shape is round.

    17. best

    18. 👉  My classmates are my best friends. We play and have fun together.

      👉  My homeland is the best place in the world. I love my country.

    19. health

    20. 👉  a good health is the best thing in the world.

      👉  Jina is the best friend of Saeeda. the grew up together.

    21. intelligent

    22. 👉  Computers can be intelligent but never more intelligent than human.

      👉  Hassib is an intelligent student. He is the top scorer in the class.

    23. planet

    24. 👉  We love our planet, Earth. it's the best planet where we are born, grown, and die.

      👉  There are nine planets in the solar system. but only earth is habitable.

    25. shine

    26. 👉  The sun shines on all of us. no matter we are white or black.

    27. cloud

    28. 👉  most of the time, Airplanes fly above the clouds but sometime the fly through the clouds.

      👉  the clouds rain when it's cold.

    29. rain

    30. 👉  It will rain tomorrow. the weather man said in TV weather forecast.

    Conversation and Homework

    Conversation, Listening & homework

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