Grammar and Usage


Lesson 18 (Level 1)

Apostrophe S - ('s)

Apostrophe S ('s) is used to show possession or that something belongs to someone or something.

this is a book. it is Hamed's book.
these are cars. they are students's cars.


Owner + 's + Noun

To show that something belongs to someone we use 's . we add Apostrophe S ('s) after the owner's name and following that the name of the thing that we want to show possession of.
Hashem's brother
house's door



  • Singular Nouns

    this is Sara's brother and that is Hamed's brother.
    Wahid is Ahmad's classmate and Hashem is Yaser's classmate.
    the car's color is black but the bicycle's color is red.

  • Plural Nous with S

    the cars' color is black but the bicycles' color is red.
    my friends' houses are near. but my classmates' houses are far away.
    these are teachers' books and those are students' books.

  • Irregular Plural Nouns

    these are men's clothes and those are women's clothes .
    the children's class is there.
    this is the people's choice.

  • Removing the possession Object

    this is Ali's car and that is Ali's , too.
    Whose pen is this? it's Mahmood's.
    my car is red but Hadi's and Reza's are green.

  • Grammar Exercise

    Grammar Exercise:

    Make the English form of below sentences using ('s)


    Try the above exercise on your own first. see the answers only if you're unable to figure out the answers.
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