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Daily English words and Idioms - part 7

learn the words "content, expect, instruct, positive, punish, represent, shake" and the idioms "call to account, early bird, even so".
- first, take a look at the words in picture and learn the meanings.
- then play the audio lecture and follow along the explanations with teacher.

English vocabulary
توضیحات صوتی استاد

Daily English Words

Content  [ Noun ]


- KabulEnglish has really good contents for learning English.

- We take pills without knowing their content.

- Nobody knows the content of cargos shipped out of Afghanistan by US troops.

Expect  [ Verb ]


- We are expecting that all warring parties come together and make peace.

- Don't expect a sudden improvement of situation. It will take some time.

- I expect you to finish the work by tomorrow evening.

Instruct  [ Verb ]


- All mothers instruct their daughters on how to care their children.

- She was employed as a teacher at a secondary school to instruct the girls how to cook.

- My brother job is to instruct farmers on how to increase their organic products.

Positive  [ Noun ]


- The doctor suggested his patient to have a positive behavior and do some exercise.

- She has a positive future a head as she is going to graduate from University.

- Unfortunately, his Covid-19 test result was positive. Therefore, he was hospitalized.

Punish  [ Verb ]


- you can't punish him for something he didn't do.

- The judge punished the man who was accused to selling drugs.

- The soldier was punished for sleeping on duty.

Represent  [ Verb ]


- I was chosen to represent our school at the math Olympiad.

- A good mood represents a calm mind.

- Our culture is represented by what we wear and like.

Shake  [ Verb/Noun ]


- Hassan was scared, so he talked with a shake in his voice.

- she shook my hand and said “goodbye”.

- Our grandfather told us many of his story when he was a soldier. he gave a shake to his memory.

Daily English Idioms

Call to account


- Anyone who fails to carry out his duty will be called to account.

- The whole team of Engineers were called to account after the newly built bridge collapsed.

- The judge is calling to account the man who is accused of robbery.

Early bird


- Saleh has a good habit that he is an early bird.

- I thought you will be late, but it's good that you are an early bird.

Even so


- The bus was full of people even so, the driver was still looking for more passengers.

- Even so the government banned the cultivation of opium, some farmers still don't pay attention.

- Everyone knows that cigarettes are harmful. Even so there are still some people who like to smoke.

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