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Daily English words and Idioms - part 6

learn the words "solve, suddenly, suppose, universe, view, appropriate, avoid" and the idioms "by all means, by means of and by word of mouth".
- first, take a look at the words in picture and learn the meanings.
- then play the audio lecture and follow along the explanations with teacher.

English vocabulary
توضیحات صوتی استاد

Daily English Words

Solve  [ Verb ]


- I finally solved this algebra question. it was amazing.

- In her free time, she solves crossword puzzles.

- The sugar solves in hot water more quickly than cold water.

Suddenly  [ Adverb ]


- Suddenly the country plunged into deep crisis.

- he suddenly woke up and asked “who are you?”.

- he changed his mind very suddenly.

Suppose  [ Verb ]


- We suppose the country situation will return to normalcy.

- I supposed him to be married.

- Let’s suppose it will not rain tomorrow. Then what?

Universe  [ Noun ]


- There is a theory that the Earth is located in the center of the universe.

- The whole universe is made of same particles.

- Each and every creature in the universe glorifies Allah.

View  [ Noun ]


- He has a clear view of the situation.

- This house has a beautiful view.

- The earth has a spectacular view from sky.

Appropriate  [ Adj. ]


- Talk to children with appropriate language.

- It’s not appropriate to disobey parents.

- What is the most appropriate way to talk to people when they are angry?

Avoid  [ Verb ]


- He was asked about the truth but he avoided from answering.

- Jack and Suzan are mad of each other. They avoid talking.

- Hamed wants to be alone so, he avoids from appearing in the public.

Daily English Idioms

By all means


- You are allowed - by all means - to use my laptop for your needs.

- this mission was not possible, by all means. But we made it possible.

- may I see the other colors? - « by all means » here you are!

By means of


- We traveled from Baghlan to Bamiyan province by means of KAMAZ truck.

- They made a big house by means of wood, it was amazing.

- During winter, Afghanistan people keep their houses warm by means of coal.

By word of mouth


- Our grandmother tells us the most interesting stories by word of mouth.

- There are many unwritten historical facts that we hear by word of mouth.

- Most of our clients heard about us by word of mouth.

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