31-01-2022 Ahmad H.

Daily English words and Idioms - part 5

learn the words "amongst, comprehend, describe, instead of, planet, report, several" and the idioms "blue blood, bark up the wrong tree and beggar belief / description".
- first, take a look at the words in picture and learn the meanings.
- then play the audio lecture and follow along the explanations with teacher.

English vocabulary
توضیحات صوتی استاد

Daily English Words

Amongst  [ Noun ]


- A president should go amongst the people sometime.

- Amongst the forest, there is a small cabin house.

- The Buddhas of Bamiyan is amongst historical heritage of the world.

- Messi and Ronaldo are amongst the best football players in the world.

Comprehend  [ verb ]


- they didn't comprehend the difficulties I have been through.

- The universe is so big that nobody can comprehend its dimensions.

Describe  [ Verb ]


- The seller over described his product in order to grasp customers.

- The teacher really deserved to be described as the best.

- A person is best described by his actions.

Instead of  [ phrase ]


- It’s better do something instead of just regretting.

- It's better to use fuel instead of coal for generating electricity .

- Our teacher is sick. So his friend is going to teach us instead of him.

Planet  [ Noun ]


- - The earth is the planet that we all live on it.

- - There are nine planets in the solar system. Earth is one of them.

Report  [ Noun/verb ]


- - Soldiers need to report for duty every day.

- - Your job is to report their daily activities.

- - The journalist was reporting live from the scene of accident.

Several  [ Noun ]


- The storm left thousands of animals injured and several dead.

- Myself and several my of colleagues witnessed this incident with our own eyes.

- His last story was translated into several foreign languages.

Daily English Idioms

Blue blood


- The wealthy man was looking for a wife with blue blood in her.

- Don't hang around with Ashraf, he is pride of his blue blood, he is an idiot.

Bark up the wrong tree


- If you think that I was guilty, then you are barking up the wrong tree. I am innocent.

- I think the police is barking up the wrong tree, the criminal has already gone.

Beggar belief / description


- Afghanistan’s natural beauties really beggar belief.

- Love is something that beggars description.

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