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Daily English words and Idioms - part 4

learn the words and Idioms "create, evil, experiment, nervous, noise, terrible, alien, at any rate, filled with joy & bang on time".
- first, take a look at the words in picture and learn the meanings.
- then play the audio lecture and follow along the explanations with teacher.

English vocabulary
توضیحات صوتی استاد

Daily English Words

Create  [ verb ]


- God created the world in six days.

- A painter imagines his painting first and then creates.

- I am going to create my own business.

Evil  [ Adj. ]


- We will get punished for our evil deeds.

- Some kids do evil actions that nobody can believe.

- Covid-19 is a real evil disease. It has killed thousands around the world.

Experiment  [ Noun ]


- This premise is proven by scientific experiments.

- Some Covid-19 vaccines are in experimental stage.

Nervous  [ Adj. ]


- Kids get nervous too quickly.

- “don't be nervous”, He advised.

- Today, the professor explained why we get nervous.

Noise  [ Noun ]


- Flies make noise during the night in the summer.

- I like to live in an environment free of noise.

- She made a big noise by her new discovery.

Terrible  [ Adj. ]


- Afghans have left terrible days behind.

- It was a terrible idea to jump off the roof.

- The football team had a terrible performance. They lost badly.

Alien  [ Noun ]


- Some people believe that extraterrestrial aliens have been seen in some places.

- Western traditions are alien to us, such as ours are alien to them.

- NASA is in search of aliens in the space.

Daily English Idioms

At any rate


- We struggled to open the factory at any rate.

- He decided to leave his country at any rate.

- They promised to be the finalist at any rate, in this tournament.

Filled with joy


- The people were filled with joy to have elected their President, after many years.

- The mother was filled with joy when her son was found.

- The students were filled with joy after they all passed the test.

Bang on time


- We thought Ali might be late but he arrived bang on time.

- Don't worry I will be there, bang on time.

- We sold many books, our exhibition was bang on time this season.

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