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Daily English words and Idioms - part 3

learn the words and Idioms "promise, reply, safe, trick, adventure, approach, carefully, all the best, ancient history and at large".
- first, take a look at the words in picture and learn the meanings.
- then play the audio lecture and follow along the explanations with teacher.

English vocabulary
توضیحات صوتی استاد

Daily English Words

Promise  [ verb ]


- He promised me to return my book.

- She broke her promise.

- Keeping a promise is not easy.

Reply  [ verb ]


- Do not reply enemy fire! wait for my order!

- She replied immediately by text.

- They were replying to all requests.

Safe  [ Noun ]


- Put the money in a safe place.

- Don't be afraid! your secret is safe with me.

- Were it safe, Afghanistan would be an interesting touristic place.

Trick  [ Verb & Noun ]


- The gambler tricked him into gambling, and won all his money.

- This is an old trick that shouldn’t be served twice.

- The painters know the tricks of their business.

adventure  [ Noun ]


- She wrote her first story by the name of “in search of adventure.”

- During the war we all had dangerous adventures.

- His big adventure was riding on an elephant.

Approach  [ Noun & Verb ]


- Let’s face this problem with an opportunistic approach.

- she approached the director to take her ideal role.

- The airplane is approaching the Airport. We will land in a few minutes.

Carefully  [ Adverb ]


- He walked carefully in the darkness.

- I was driving very carefully because it was my first journey into Salang's tunnel.

- The cat was looking carefully to mouse's motion.

Daily English Idioms

All the best


- His colleagues wished him all the best in his new duty.

- At new year's celebration, we wish all the best for each other in the new year.

Ancient history


- She was quite a good singer when she was younger, but that's all ancient history now.

- In his campaign's speech he promised people a luxury life. Nowadays, that trick is an ancient history.

- Having a cellphone used to be a big wish but now it is an ancient history.

At large


- The people are interested at large to buy our new products.

- We don’t go to mountains at large but sometime we go hiking for exercise.

- The police have not been able to arrest the criminal. He is still at large.

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