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Daily English words and Idioms - part 2

In this part of our Daily English words and Idioms we are going to learn the words cruel, finally, hide, hunt, middle, moment and pleased. And to make your today's learning job even more interesting, we have added three useful idioms that are used in our daily conversations: alive and kicking, all along, all ears.

English vocabulary
توضیحات صوتی استاد

Daily English Words

Cruel  [ adj ]


- His mother's death was a cruel sorrow for him.

- The man was so cruel that he would beat his children.

- The winter is a cruel season for the poor people.

Finally  [ Adv. ]


- Finally, we all die. No matter where we live

- Finally, I published the story after editing many times.

- My hard work finally paid off and I passed the exam with grade A.

Hide  [ verb ]


- The thief stole the book and hid it in his pocket.

- You can't hide an elephant.

- They hide their faces to avoid being recognized By others.

Hunt  [ Verb ]


- Police is looking to hunt the escaped prisoner.

- I am still hunting for a job. unfortunately, I'm jobless yet.

- He bought a gunshot for hunting wild animals.

Middle  [ Noun ]


- The phone rang in the middle of the night.

- I am in the middle of writing a new short story.

- We have an apple tree in the middle of our backyard.

Moment  [ Noun ]


- I lost him for a moment.

- I am busy at the moment, I will call you back later.

- Rohullah Nikpa’s championship was a great moment in the history of Afghanistan.

Pleased  [ Adj ]


- We are highly pleased to have you with us.

- He was so pleased that his proposal was accepted.

- I am pleased to meet you.

Daily English Idioms

Alive and kicking


- I was glad to hear that your grandmother is alive and kicking.

- All children should be vaccinated in order to be kept alive and kicking.

All along


- We thought he was our enemy but he was protecting us all along.

- He was thinking all along last night about the negative effects of war in our country.

- How could I forget you when you have been in my heart all along past years.

All ears


- My grandfather is all ears when he listening to news by his old radio.

- When the principal came here we were all ears to his speech..

- Students were all ears, when test results were announced.

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