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Daily English words and Idioms - part 1

Learn Our Daily English words and Idioms to improve your word power for speaking English efficiently and with confidence. in this article you will learn the words Afraid, agree, angry, arrive, attack, bottom, clever along with their meaning and examples. You will also have the opportunity to learn three daily English idioms that are used in our daily conversations. they are (it's) about time, act a part, against time/ against the clock.

English vocabulary
توضیحات صوتی استاد

Daily English Words

Afraid  [ adj ]


- most of children are afraid of darkness.

- he was afraid of missing his key in the bus but it was in his left packet.

- snake is a wild animal with no feet which moves by its stomach, but everyone is afraid of it.

Agree  [ verb ]


- Palaw is the most delicious food that most people agree with it.

- My brother didn't agree to play football with me.

- An agreement letter should be signed only after someone agrees with it.

Angry  [ Adj ]


- I play angry birds a lot. It’s a computer and mobile game.

- He was very angry so he started the fight.

- It seems like Sara is angry because she is shouting.

Arrive  [ Verb ]


- Ali arrives home at 7:00 PM every day.

- We will arrive to Kabul tomorrow evening.

- Before that police arrive, the robbers had already gone.

attack  [ Verb ]


- A wolf attacked the herd when shepherd was asleep.

- When countries become enemies they attack each other somehow.

- The Lion attacked on zebra in order to hunt it down.

Bottom  [ Noun ]


- Every shoe has a number in its bottom.

- There are so many living creatures at the bottom of ocean.

- His favorite football team was placed at the bottom of the list.

clever  [ Adj ]


- Zarifa is more clever than her brother Assad.

- Monkeys are clever animals. They learn things quite fast.

- In some activities, girls are more clever than boys.

Daily English Idioms

(it's) about time


- it's about time Hamed had repaired his car, look how damaged it is.

- along time ago, Ali left his country. it's about time he came back home.

- next week Sara has her finall exam. it's about time she had done her assignments.

Act a part


- I don't think that Arsalan is ill at all, he is just acting a part.

- he is acting a part like a businessman but he is jobless.

- The thief acted a part as John's best friend just for robbing the money.

Against time - against the clock


- we were working against time, the project had to be finished.

- he had only three hours to live, saving his life was a race against the clock.

- Scientists are really working against the clock to discover the cure for Corona Virus.

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