23-08-2021 Ahmad Hussaini

Top Hundred Most Used English Phrasal Verbs [76 - 100]

Phrasal verbs are expressions that help us express long concepts by short phrases. Phrasal verbs are comprised of a verb plus adverb or preposition such as
Get through [ verb + preposition ], Get out [ verb + adverb ].
Following are the FOURTH part of the 100 most used English phrasal verbs;
hold back, put in, move in, look around, take down, put off, come about, go along, set about, turn off, give in, move out, come through, move back, break off, get through, give out, come off, take in, give back, set down, move up, get together, slack off.

  1. hold back


The elections results were held back(1) due to fraud claims.

Health workers are doing their best to hold back(2) the spread of new variant of Covid-19.

The manager could hardly hold back(3) his anger.

  1. put in


They put in(1) a lot of pressure to stop the impeachment process.

You are putting in(1) too much pressure on your brain.

We're going to put in(2) a new air condition for the whole apartment.

  1. move in


Now that USA has gone out, new superpowers are going to move in (1) to Afghanistan.

a huge number of refugees are moving in (1) to Iran daily.

We are going to move in (2) to our new house. it's far from here.

most of Afghans wish they could move in (2) to other countries such as Turkey, Iran or India.

  1. look around


I looked all around the room to find my missing pen.

When I first visited Paris, I looked around the city for one whole day.

  1. take down


The teacher was talking so fast that I couldn't take down(1) most of what he taught today.

Protesters took down (2) the billboard picture of the fraudulent president.

Facebook took down (2) my video of protest under the pretext of community policy violation.

  1. put off


Our flight to kabul was put off(1) until normalcy was back.

Good news! the exam is put off (1). now we have more time to study.

I need to concentrate, but the sound of TV really puts me off(2).

The sudden big events in our country put us off(2) from following the football games.

  1. come about


What comes about in our community these days are really rare and astonishing.

  1. go along


He might go along (1) to the exhibition today or tomorrow.

It's not so unlikely that all parties go along (2) with the new agreement.

  1. set-about


I have no idea how to set about (1) my new project.

It was so hard to set about (2) the challenges we faced during the recent days due to financial crisis.

  1. turn off


Turn off (1) the lights when you go to bed.

Everyone is really turned off (2) by the sudden change of rules in the country.

  1. give in


Finally the government gave in to the parliament's pressure to stop non-authorized projects.

protesters warned that they won't give in unless their voice is heard and their demands are met.

  1. move out


To make peace, we first need to move out hostilities from our heart.

All foreign forces should move out of Afghanistan when there is peace and security all over the country.

  1. come through


did you try to see if test results have come through (1) yet?.

She fairly well managed to let not her anger come through (1) when she was delivering her speech.

A skilled manager is someone who has come through (2) at least a couple of critical situations.

  1. break off


Our friendship may break off (1) if we continue this suspicious look towards each other.

A big piece of rock broke off (2)the mountain and started rolling down.

  1. get through


I tried his phone all day but couldn't get through at all.

Her phone is not reachable but you can get through to her via her office Phone.

  1. give out


WFP is going to give out (1) food and hygienic packages to displaced people all across our country.

Right before the start of conference, a brochure was given out (1) to each participant.

The players were so tired that after the game their legs had given out (2) and they were all laying on the ground.

After sometime, the people will naturally give out (2) their complains.

  1. come off


Don't wash these jeans along with other clothes because their color comes off.

A big piece of rock came off the mountain.

  1. take in


UNHCR is calling on all neighboring countries of Afghanistan to take in (1) some of Afghan refugees until the country turns back to normal.

Some big universities of Iran have decided to take in (1) Afghan students under their scholarship programs.

The seller with his tricky offers really took us in (2).

  1. give back


Don't forget to give back my pen when you finish filling the form.

Just today I gave back all my debts.

  1. set down


The Article 4th sets down (1) all duties and responsibilities of managers.

The pilot was praised for setting the airplane down (2) on the highway when it was failing to reach the airport due to bad engines.

The foundation of our new school is set down (2) and its construction work will start soon.

  1. move up


The number of Covid-19 infected people has moved up (1) dramatically and so the number of deaths are staggering.

The government is planning to move up (1) the protective measures in order to tackle the sudden rise of infections.

He used to be a front desk clerk but now he is moved up (2) to manager position.

  1. get together


students of all faculties are planning to get together on student's day and demand better educational services from government.

before the start of winter, the geese get together to form large flocks for migration to different climate regions.

  1. slack off


It's quite obvious that some workers tend to slack off (1) on friday and monday.

the storm has slacked off (2) a bit comparing to yesterday.

the government is starting to slack off (2) Covid-19 related restriction as the spread of disease comes under control.

  1. make do


In times of poverty, one have to make do with the least available.

The test result wasn't what he expected but anyway he had to make do with it.

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You write the 100th phrasal verb.

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