23-08-2021 Ahmad Hussaini

Top Hundred Most Used English Phrasal Verbs [50 - 75]

Phrasal verbs are expressions that help us express long concepts by short phrases. Phrasal verbs are comprised of a verb plus adverb or preposition such as
Get through [ verb + preposition ], Get out [ verb + adverb ].
Following are the THIRD part of the 100 most used English phrasal verbs;
hold out, put on, bring out, move on, turn back, put back, go around, break up, come along, sit up, turn around, get in, come around, make out, get off, turn down, bring down, come over, break out, go over, turn over, go through, hold on, pick out, sit back.

  1. hold out


He held out(1) his hand to shake hands with me.

My leather boot could hold out(2) for many years despite overuse and soaking.

Turkey will not be able to fully hold out(2) the influx of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan.

  1. put on


Only after a few days of workout, try to put on(1) some more weight.

It's really cold outside. put on(2) your coat

In Afghanistan, the bride and groom put on(2) some traditional dressings on their wedding day.

  1. bring out


On the final, the players will bring out(1) their best game.

The days of hardships bring out(1) the friends of truth

The UN should call on all parties to make peace. this way our country will be brought out(2) of decades-long crisis.

  1. move on


The time moves on but the memories remain.

The peace talks have come to a deadlock, but they have to move on and make the peace happen.

  1. turn back


The situation is starting to turn back(1) to normal.

A big threat was turned back(2) from the country by our national security forces.

  1. put back


After repairing the Stove I put it back to its place.

Put it back where it was.

  1. go around


The fake stories were going around the city.

Push the wheel once and it will go around itself.

  1. break up


I cannot believe they broke up(1) after 25 years lovely marriage.

the rise in temperature could cause big chunks of ice to break up(2) and start melting down slowly into the water.

  1. come along


With the invention of computer, so many other devices have come along(1) and they all have changed our lives in one way or another.

Just now, the effects of medicine is coming along(1).

My new project is coming along(2) really well.

  1. sit up


The patient could hardly sit up(1) on his bed and eat food.

We sat up(2) all night to watch the football game on TV. it was really exciting.

  1. turn around


Go straight and turn around(1) at the square.

My children's performance at school has really turned around(2). and that's I guess because of new programs started at their school

Suddenly the situation turned around(2)and the crisis came to an end.

  1. get in


He, in a rush got in(1) his car and drove home.

She studied hard to get in(2) to university.

Stop doing that! or you will get into(2) a big problem.

  1. come around


You are in fact opposing me in this opinion today but you will come around(1) in the near future.

After his surgery, It took him three hours to come along(2).

  1. make out


I can't make out(1) the faces in this picture. who are they?

It's really difficult to make out(1) the policy of this new politician. one day he is favouring the right and the other day he's supporting the left.

Make out(2) this form and submit it to the office.

  1. get off


He was captured by interpol as soon as he got off(1) the plane.

How early can you get off(2) (home) tomorrow morning?

He's likely to get off(1) with small fine, despite being accused of murder.

  1. turn down


It's twelve midnight, turn down(1) the TV volume.

I'm going to offer you something big so that you won't be able to turn it down(2).

  1. bring down


The weather was so bad that the pilots could hardly bring down(1) the airplane.

The board of ministers agreed to bring down(2) the prices in order to turn down people's anger.

The Arab Spring brought down(3) many of the Arab rulers who had gripped the power for decades.

  1. come over


Only after his resistance, he came over(1) to be heroic person.

I am feeling quite strange today, I don't know what has come over(2) me.

  1. break out


During the revolution, so many prisoners managed to break out(1)of prison.

The CronaVirus broke out(2) in China and spread all over the world in a matter of months.

The child broke out(2) crying when her mother fell over.

  1. go-over


Let's go over past lessons, once again.

We cannot go over this issue every now and then. let get this solved forever.

  1. turn over


The storm was so powerful that it turned over(1) buildings and trees.

The whole country wants the fugitive Ashraf Ghani to be turned over(2) and trialed.

coal mines extraction turns over(2)millions of dollars yearly.

  1. go through


tourists are thinking of going throughthe forests to reach the mountain.

Afghanistan has gone through it's toughest times in the past four decades.

We have to go through many checkups before getting our Visas

  1. hold on


Hold on(1) we are going to take off

Can you just hold on(2) a second? I need to check it with my manager.

  1. pick out


There are so many novel books, just pick out the ones you like.

to pick out a good friend is not a hard job but it is very important.

I have a collection of picked out traditional musics. You can't miss to listen them.

  1. sit back


At the end of the day, what is very much liked is to sit back (1) and relax.

It's really none of your business, just sit back (1) and mind your own business.

You can't sit back (2)and watch when someone in need of help shouts "help!".

Afghans cannot just sit back(2) and see their country being turned into a battlefield of superpowers.

Study the phrasal verbs above and write at least one example for each as your homework.

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