23-08-2021 Ahmad Hussaini

Top Hundred Most Used English Phrasal Verbs [26 - 50]

Phrasal verbs are expressions that help us express long concepts by short phrases. Phrasal verbs are comprised of a verb plus adverb or preposition such as
Get through [ verb + preposition ], Get out [ verb + adverb ].
Following are the second part of the 100 most used English phrasal verbs;
Carry on, Go Up, Get Out, Take Out, Come Down, Put Down, Put Up, Get On, Bring Up, Bring In, Look Back, Look down, Bring Back, Break Down, Take Off, Turn Up, Go Off, Bring About, Go In, Set Off, Put Out, Look Out, Take Back, Hold Up, Get Down.

  1. carry on


Children carried on their activity despite feeling tired.

Some people still carry on to their old customs despite being exposed to modern traditions.

Being able to carry on big businesses really takes courage and efforts.

  1. go up


The temperature goes up sharply in the middle of summer

The government is planning to stop the prices from going up during the winter.

Once the sun starts to shine, the fogs will go up.

  1. get out


Ashraf Ghani, in a pre-planned departure, got out(1) of Afghanistan while stealing millions of dollars.

The police officer will catch the robber as soon as he gets out(2) of his car.

He loudly told the driver " I get out(2), Stop the car!".

  1. take out


Please take out the trashes when you go out.

The police officer took out his gun and pointed towards the criminal.

The dentist will take out his tooth once the inflammation goes away

  1. come down


The prices will come down(1) as soon as new reforms take effect.

All Afghanistan problems come down(2) to one thing. "the interference of foreign countries".

  1. put down


Arab Spring Uprisings put down many non-republic governments in Arab countries.

She put down her bag on the table to let it be searched.

All warring parties need to put down their guns and join peace, in order to avoid civil war.

  1. put up


The Taliban put up a wall of curtain between male and female students in the classes.

Turkish government put up a fence on its border to stop refugees from entering the country.

A new restaurant is going to be put up near the hospital

  1. turn up


He didn't turn up at the party last night. is he Ok?

I will let you know if anything new turns up.

  1. get on


Get on(1) the horse!

After work, He gets on(1) a bus to home.

We are getting on(2) well with our research project.

  1. bring up


Our parents bring us up(1) with a lot of pain and efforts.

He was brought up(1) in a kindergarten because he lost his parents when he was a baby.

We will bring up(2) the issue of pay raise in our meeting with the managers.

  1. bring in


She is thinking of bringing in new members to the group.

The new products brought in lots of money and reputation for us.

Who brought in the US in Afghanistan? and who caused the invasion?

  1. look back


If you look back at the history of Afghanistan you will find out that no superpower could ever win over Afghans.

Don't look back when you walk in the crowd or you will crush into someone.

  1. look down


Don't look down(1)! When you are on rooftop of a tall building.

They look down(2) on him because he has no degrees.

Don't ever look down on anyone, nobody knows who's of greater value to the sight of God.

  1. bring back


Once the trust is lost, It's hard to bring it back.

Afghanistan is going to bring back all its treasures being stored in France.

  1. break down


Suddenly our car broke down (1).

Don't overload the truck, It may break down (1).

An easy way to figure out a complex problem, is to break it down(2) into small pieces.

  1. take off


The Airplane takes off (1) from Kabul International Airport.

The bird took off (1) after hearing our footsteps.

It's really hot. I take off(2) my coat.

  1. go off


Ashraf Ghani went off (1) with millions of dollars.

The bomb went off(2) when students were leaving Sayd Al-Shuhada school.

  1. bring about


Then new government must bring about some deep reforms so as to gain peoples favour.

Our carelessness in country's political affairs brought about the critical situations in Afghanistan.

  1. go in


The warring parties may go into a war if no political agreement achieved.

  1. set off


Afghan Peace delegate set off (1) for peace talks in Doha.

Engineers could hardly set off (2) the old rotten generator.

  1. put out


It took the whole day for firefighters to put out(1) the blazing fire.

He really puts out (2) a lot of efforts into his work.

  1. look out


A man must always look out for his family.

  1. take back


He immediately took back his word and apologized.

take this back to where it was.

  1. hold up


It's the people who (1) hold up the base of a government.

The sky is held up (1) high without any beams.

The traffic was held up (2) by the bad weather.

No people in the world can hold up (3) as much difficulties as Afghans can.

  1. get down


get down (1) on your knees.

Help me get down (2) the horse.

Study the phrasal verbs above and write at least one example for each as your homework.

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