22-08-2021 Ahmad Hussaini

Top Hundred Most Used English Phrasal Verbs [1 - 25]

Phrasal verbs are expressions that help us express long concepts by short phrases. Phrasal verbs are comprised of a verb plus adverb or preposition such as
Get through [ verb + preposition ], Get out [ verb + adverb ].
Following are the first part of the 100 most used English phrasal verbs;
Go on, Carry Out, Set Up, Pick Up, Go Back, Come Back, Go Out, Point Out, Find Out, Come Up, Make Up, Take Over, Come Out, Come In, Go Down, Work Out, Set Out, Take Up, Get Back, Sit Down, Turn Out, Take On, Take On, Give Up, Get Up

  1. Go on


Although a heavy rain was going on(2), they went on(1) to start the second half of the game

Our efforts will go on(1) until we find the missing people in the forest.

The high price cannot go on(1) forever. someone in this country will take action and control the markets.

I don't know what's going on(2)

  1. Carry Out


Numerous Covid-19 surveys have been carried out and they all show that wearing masks can greatly protect us against this pandemic disease

Health workers are going to carry out their tasks despite the country-wide lock-down.

Afghan forces are going to carry out night operations to fight insurgents throughout the country.

  1. Set Up


The women Activist set up(1) a campaign to raise awareness about women's rights.

The government will set up(1) some tents to accommodate displaced people

After purchase of a new PC, you need to set it up(2) for work.

Everyday, I have to set up(2) my office files.

  1. Pick Up


When a country is in danger of invasion, everyone will pick up(1) a gun to protect their country.

When I called your office, a woman picked up(1) the phone.

On my way to work, I picked up(2) a few people and dropped them off at the city

Be ready! I will pick you up(2)at Eight O'clock.

  1. Go Back


We all go back to our country when we finish our scholarship.

We won't go back to the dark era of civil war.

  1. Come Back


Afghan refugees are coming back home.

My football team lost the game in first half but they come back up to equalize in the second half.

  1. Go out


If they lose this game, they go out(1) of the tournaments.

On weekends, we go out(1) to picnic.

The lights went out(2) and we were all left in the dark.

  1. Point Out


The president in his speech had pointed out that he will fight corruptions.

The teacher said" I will point out to this issue in our next session".

  1. find out


Researchers, during their study of the virus found out that it could grow even stronger and more lethal.

I thought about it for hours until I found out the solution.

Only after you walk a mile in my shoes, You will find out what hardships I am going through these days.

  1. come up


During the winter, When it rains, the water level comes up(1) until it flows over the dam.

Beside many others, this issue also came up(2) in our conversation.

A guy came up(3) to me and asked if he can take a selfie with me.

  1. make up


Students make up(1) new handcrafts at school everyday.

The fashion designer is going to make up(1) another collection of traditional dresses.

Some politicians, during their elections campaign make up(2) scandals about their opponents.

  1. take over


The Taliban took over most of the Afghanistan provinces without much resistance.

The new governor will take over the responsibility next week.

  1. come out


A good result comes out of good work.

His new film will come out soon.

Be careful when washing these jeans! their color comes out.

  1. come in


As one goes out of this world, another comes in.

Please come in and have a tea with me.

and only then, the money started to come in.

  1. Go down


The temperature goes down close to the end of summer.

The losing team went down in its ranking.

  1. work out


Afghans have to work out (1) their differences towards making peace and stability.

The new players had to work out(2) in order to qualify for the team.

  1. set out


We are going to set out a big campaign to raise some fund for rebuilding our school.

He is going to set out his journey of politics by nominating for municipality.

  1. take up


I am going to take up (1) farming as my next career.

It takes up(2) some time to process your request, Please be patient.

I don't want to take up(2) any more of your time.

  1. Get back


He will get back his health soon and will start walking in the near future.

Afghans have to get back the control of their country themselves

  1. sit down


They sat down in front of parliament and expressed their protest.

We will start the show once everybody sits down and is quiet.

  1. turn out


The new Covid-19 vaccine turned out(1) to be effective against most variants of the Corona virus.

Our rice farms turned out (1) unprecedented yields this year.

People turned out (2) to the streets to object the new law.

  1. take on


He, after taking on (1) his new duty, assured the people that he will do his best.

When hearing this news, His voice took on (2) a sad tone and his face took on (2) a pale look.

Flowers and trees take on (2) different colors in the fall.

  1. give up


Don't give up (1) against difficulties.

Please give up (2) teasing me.

They gave up (2) the game after their poor performance.

  1. Get up


In Islam, we get up before an elder or any respectable person.

My mother gets up early in the morning to make breakfast.

  1. look up


We looked up all newspapers and couldn't find a word about it.

I looked up your profile on Facebook.

Study the phrasal verbs above and write at least one example for each as your homework.

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