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A step by step guide to registration with kabulenglish

Registration Keyboard key

Welcome to Kabulenglish!

We are happy to provide Online English Classes to interested student during this Covid-19 Pandemic. We help you to continue learning English from the safety your home or anywhere. And we do our best to provide English classes to as many people we can and at the lowest cost.
راهنمائی ثبت نام به فارسی

How to regiser with Kabulenglish?

Before registering with us, you need to have an active email address such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, hotmail or any other Email System.
If you don't have an Email already, then follow Creating Email Guide (this link) from here.

1. From your phone or computer open one of the following browser Applications (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

chrome safari and firefox browsers

2. In the top bar type our website address (kabulenglish.com ) and click "Go" or "Enter" from keyboard

type web address kabulenglish.com

3. From the top of our Web App, Click on "Register"

Registration button on kabulenglish.com

4. Fill out the Registration form and click the below "Register" button

Registration Form on kabulenglish.com

5.If success, an Email with an activation link will be sent to your email inbox.

Registration success message on kabulenglish.com

6.please check your email and click on the "Click to Verify Email" button.

Verification email sent to your Email inbox

7. After this, you will be prompted with a "success" message. now you are registered! click on "Go To Class" to Enter the class.

Your account with kabulenglish.com has been activated

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